Interim Manager

What is it?

Interim Management is the temporary collaboration of a senior professional or a highly qualified manager that a company can hire on a temporary or part-time basis for a predefined period of time to solve very specific temporary needs of the organization.

The Interim Manager, or Transitional Manager, acts for all purposes as another Manager in the company, with a specific mission, making decisions and developing them.

When is it used?

The services of an Interim Manager may be required when it is necessary to accelerate a change within the organization or to manage a situation in which the company’s management team does not have sufficient experience, time or knowledge.

They can also be used in SMEs with a reduced management team and where a professional with experience and know-how is urgently needed to provide solutions and lead their implementation.


Speed in the incorporation of the Director.

Experience acquired in previous managerial positions, which means that no apprenticeship period is required.

Objectivity by not being conditioned by the history and idiosyncrasy of the company.

Effectiveness by focusing all your work on a well-defined project that avoids dispersion.

Commitment to the company’s objectives since he/she develops a previously established mission and is responsible for the results.

Controlled costs by working for agreed fees and without unforeseen labor costs.

Services Offered

The work carried out by an Interim Manager in a company covers a wide range of possibilities due to the knowledge and experience that he/she provides and the flexibility of the relationship between both parties.

We offer services of:

Development of a specific project:

  • Department Restructuring.
  • Functional changes in the organization.
  • Start-up and development of new company departments.
  • Implementation of new work procedures.
  • Development of new business lines.
  • Coordination of purchase, merger and sale processes.
  • Implementation of reduction and control programs. budget.

Temporary substitution of Directors:

  • Temporary Discharges.
  • Resignations / Terminations.
  • Transition to new incorporations

    Services support for CEOs, managers and owners of companies in the management y take from decisions daily: investments, financing, address from employees, commercial decision making, pricing strategies… In this field we offer interim manager services, accompanying the owner and/or company management in the day-to-day operations of the organization..


    The human team of a company makes the difference with the competition. Maintain a committed team and motivated is a complex task, which involves in a way the continuous incorporation of new talent and the departure of employees with non aligned with those of the company. The services provided in this area are human resources management, human resources management, human resources rationalization of functions and the management of the day-to-day operations of the partners. This also includes the selection and recruitment and the performance of termination and dismissal of employees and dismissal of employees in coordination with the labor counseling.


    Support in the transition from first to second generation family businesses (parents to children). to children) and successive generations (consortia of cousins, …). Constitution of the family council y support of the same.


    The steering committee has as main functions to lead and coordinate the company operations. In this area, services are provided for the introduction and implementation of the and mission, as well as participation in the same. supporting in the definition of the structure of the meetings and the assuming a role advisory and/or executive in the same.


    Treasury is to business what temperature is to health.. A strain on the treasury not necessarily represent a serious problem for the company, but it is a indicator that there is some aspect that needs to be reviewed. In this area, the following services are provided collection management review and the strategy of payment methods for both customers and suppliers. From this follow-up, it is possible to detect whether the problem lies in a mismatch between the payment and collection periods or whether it masks a structural problem. (company cost structure not adjusted to the company’s reality, sales prices, etc.). not aligned with the needs of the company) to act on these points and design the most appropriate financing instrument strategy.


    The most financially optimized company is not the least indebted. Each The company establishes its own parameters for indebtedness, but it in some In some cases, it is essential to have financing instruments available, both at the to meet short-term cash flow requirements and long-term cash flow requirements to meet short-term cash flow requirements and long-term cash flow requirements. to undertake investments that may prove to be strategic. In this area, the financing needs are analyzed, selecting the instruments to be used for and accompanying in the process of contracting them.


    The daily coexistence between partners often involves different different approaches and approaches on how to manage the company and where to direct it. Investments, dividends, jobs for family members, … these and many other issues can lead to cause internal tensions between shareholders and even even jeopardize the continuity of the of the company.
    In this area we provide services of accompaniment and mediation between partners – shareholders – shareholders. shareholders seeking meeting points that allow the recovery of the company’s governance. of the company.


    A wrong pricing strategy can be the start of a serious problem that can magnified over time if not corrected. The services offered in this field are the following cost structure analysis, both from both scandals of the product as of a cost study indirect and a sales forecastall of this in order to define the final strategy of prices to the different customers (end customers, retailers, distributors, etc.) and sales channels of the company. company.


    Often investment opportunities arise or are generated that need to be properly calibrated. properly calibrated..
    In this area we offer investment analysis servicesscenarios are established scenarios y and feasibility plans are feasibility plans are defined.


    Both to buy or sell a company, it is necessary to establish what the value of the company is. value of the company in the market. in the market.
    We offer company valuationservices, establishing the range of market prices , and support in the process of buying and selling companies.


    Find out what is the real state of a company is essential to be able to plan the strategy strategy to follow and to make future projections on which the company’s business plan will be largely based. on which the company’s business plan will be largely based.

    In this area, the following are performed analysis of the company’s financial statements (balance sheets and and operating accounts), the evolution of these and their comparison with the evolution and evolution and market trends..
    Based on these analyses, the company’s strategyis proposed, which, in simplified form, can result in the company’s strategic plan.


    Visit exactly what it is a company’s inventoryespecially those of origin industrial and/or commercial, it is essential to know the real situation of the company. Offered inventory planning and organization servicesas well as implementation of processes and instruments that allow improve control of the and the deviations between reality and the company’s information.